Frequently Asked Questions

For Users:

Q: How do I download data for many cells at once?

A: Time series and cycle data files for all cells can be downloaded individually from the Cell Data page. To ease the process of downloading data for many cells at once, please visit Battery Archive Github page.

Q: Why am I getting an ‘active content removed’ warning when I try to access the site?

A: The firewalls of certain institutions do not allow access to interactive content such as the plots of cell degradation that are featured on this site. You can still access static sections such as the Studies page. To access active content, go to the website outside of your institution’s network.

Q: How are the cells named and how is metadata assigned?

A: Please see the Metadata page.

For Contributors:

Q: How do I add data to the site?

A: We are in the process of developing a data upload page based on our experience preparing the first few data sets. In the meantime, please email

Q: How can I contribute to site development?

A: We are actively developing new site features in response to user feedback. Please email if you’d like to help!

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